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Tugs contracted for three salvage jobs

Wed 01 Nov 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Tugs contracted for three salvage jobs
Fairmount Summit was mobilised to assist in the salvage of Glory Amsterdam off the German coast

Three salvage projects have started in Europe and the Pacific Ocean that highlight the demands made on specialised tugs. Smit has been tasked with salvaging bulk carrier Glory Amsterdam, which ran aground on 29 October during storm conditions off Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

The crew of 22 remained on board, and assisted by a salvage team of four, are preparing the vessel to be refloated. Emergency tug Nordic and multipurpose vessel Mellum were on the scene and ready to rescue the crew. According to local reports, port tugs Jade and Buksier 9 were also on standby.

According to, powerful heavy-duty tugs Fairmount Summit and Union Manta were en route to the site to begin refloating damaged Glory Amsterdam. Prior to this, salvors will pump out the ballast water tanks, although the ship’s fuel is likely to remain in its tanks.

In Greece, salvors are starting to remove damaged 3,200 DWT tanker Agia Zoni II, which sank on 10 September, near Salamina Island, causing a considerable oil spill. Contractor Spanopoulos Group is tasked with the salvage. It is attempting to remove the stricken tanker without causing further environmental problems.

Agia Zoni II was carrying 2,200 tonnes of fuel oil and 370 tonnes of marine gas oil. Most of this spilled around the island of Salamina and the coast around Athens and Piraeus. The spill has closed beaches throughout the Argo-Saronic Gulf, and experts had warned the impacts of the event could last for years.

According to sister publication Tanker Shipping & Trade, the Greek Government announced a number of regulatory efforts in response to the event, promising urgent inspections of small, coastal Greek-flagged fuel tankers similar to Agia Zoni II and is reportedly planning to move the Hellenic Coast Guard and ship inspectorate service from the purview of the shipping ministry to that of the ministry for interior affairs. 

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Ocean, Five Oceans Salvage is towing stranded and disabled bulk carrier Evangelia 1 to Honolulu, Hawaii for repairs. It is using tug Manuokekai to tow the ship at speeds between 4 knots and 7 knots, according to Fleetmon. Evangelia 1 was en route from Guatemala to Caofeidan, China, when it became stranded.

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