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Piriou adapts harbour tug design for Boluda series

Thu 07 Jun 2018 by Martyn Wingrove

Piriou adapts harbour tug design for Boluda series
VB Cyclone was one of two tugs deployed in the ports of St Nazaire and Dunkerque in 2015

Omni Stern Tug 30 is an ASD tug design with 77 tonnes of bollard pull, a top speed of 13 knots and equipment for both harbour towage and deepsea escort duties

Piriou adapted its harbour tug design for the latest towage and ship manoeuvring requirements of Boluda Corporación Maritima. It gained a contract for a series of at least eight new tugs for harbour towage and escort duties in May this year from Boluda's French subsidiary.

The tugs were contracted based on an updated version of Piriou’s Omni Stern Tug (OST) model and are longer and more powerful than the previous series it built for Boluda France.

Piriou will build the series of harbour tugs at its shipyard in Vietnam with the first tugs scheduled for delivery in 2019 and the remainder in 2020. Once delivered, these tugs will enter service in various harbours in France, particularly where larger container ships and cruise ships visit.

This series will have more power and greater manoeuvrability than previous tugs the Vietnam yard has built for Boluda France. They will be 30.3 m tugs, each with a bollard pull of around 77 tonnes, more powerful than the two previous series of tugs the Vietnamese shipyard built for Boluda, which had 70 tonnes of bollard pull.

Boluda France chief executive Denis Monserand said these tugs will meet its clients’ requirements for higher performance. “This new series will feature higher bollard pull than previous generations, up to 77 tonnes, enabling our crews to service vessels of ever-increasing size in the best conditions,” he said.

For Piriou general manager Vincent Faujour, this contract award is part of a long-standing partnership the shipyard has with Boluda France, which spans at least 20 years. He went on to explain that the new series of tugs will be based on Piriou’s OST 30 model.

OST 30 was designed as an escort-class, multipurpose tug adapted for push-pull types of towage and harbour assistance operations. This design of tug is also suitable for deepsea operations, such as escorting large ships into French ports, and will have a top speed of around 13 knots.

OST 30 specifics

The 30.3 m tugs have a moulded breadth of 10.4 m and depth at the main deck of 4.45 m. They were designed for shallow water operations with a maximum draught of 5.3 m. OST 30 has two aft azimuthing propellers for greater manoeuvrability.

OST 30 are azimuthing stern drive tugs with two medium-speed and four-stroke diesel engines each able to generate 2,240 kW of power, with turbochargers and fresh-water cooling that comes with box cooler refrigerants. The tugs will have fuel storage capacity of around 85 m3 and fresh water capacity of 16 m3.

Piriou reviewed design of the wheelhouse of these tugs. Bridges on OST 30 are designed with ergonomics for the tug captain with a single-command control station and electronics within easy reach. The wheelhouse has high visibility over the entire working area and its surroundings with 360˚ of windows, enabling a master to manoeuvre the tug without assistance.

OST 30 was designed to be maintained every five years with special hull antifouling and an impressed current antifouling system. Its accommodation is designed for six crew members and is in accordance with International Labour Organization 2006 requirements for comfort and noise reduction.

Piriou customised its OST 30 design to cater for Boluda France’s requirements for emergency response and deepsea operations, adding a FiFi1 fire-fighting system with mechanics in the engineroom and two monitors on deck. It also added an aft sea towing winch and tugger winch for deepsea towage. Another addition was a double-drum fore winch with functionality for ship escort operations.

Partnership and versatile designs

Boluda France’s latest tugboat order comes after a series of six tugs with bollard pulls of 70 tonnes was built by Piriou Shipyard between 2015 and 2017. Piriou also built a series of eight tugs with similar bollard pulls for Boluda France between 2007 and 2009.

Boluda deployed Piriou-built tugs with 70 tonnes of bollard pull in the Port of Le Havre and in Réunion Island in 2017. VB Volcan was deployed to the port of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean and VB Tornade commenced operations in the port of Le Havre. Both ports have seen an increase in containerised traffic and needed more towage capacity to receive the larger container ships.

In 2016, Boluda France took delivery of VB Typhon and VB Tempete, each of 30.3 m and 70 tonnes of bollard pull, from Piriou. In 2015, it deployed similar-sized and Piriou-built VB Ouragan and VB Cyclone in the ports of St Nazaire and Dunkerque. These tugs have propulsion from Schottel and engines from Anglo Belgium Corp.

Piriou has developed a series of versatile and compact tug designs for harbour towage and escort operations, ranging in length from 24 m to 32 m and in bollard pull from 30 tonnes to 95 tonnes. For harbour assistance it designed OST 24W. The range for harbour and coastal services includes OST 24, OST 28, OST 30 and OST 32. Piriou also designed OST 32E as a tug for escort and terminal services.

Boluda France operates a fleet of 75 tugs and 30 service vessels in 15 harbours and terminals in France, Africa, such as in the port of Lomé in Togo, and the Indian Ocean.


OST 30 particulars

Designer: Piriou

Builder: Piriou Shipyard, Vietnam

Owner: Boluda France

Type: harbour towage/escort

Length, oa: 30.3 m

Breadth, moulded: 10.4 m

Main deck depth: 4.45 m

Maximum draught: 5.3 m

Bollard pull: 77 tonnes

Maximum speed: 13 knots

Engines: 2 x 2,240 kW medium-speed, four-stroke

Accommodation: six seafarers

Fuel capacity: 85 m3

Fresh water capacity: 16 m3


Piriou tug designs

Design             length (m)   bollard pull (tonnes)

OST 24            24.50                           55

OST 24W        24.50                           75

OST 28            28.0                             65

OST 30            30.30                           77

OST 32            32.0                             95

OST 32E         32.0                             95

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