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New tug will enhance Hawaiian towage

Mon 09 Jul 2018 by Martyn Wingrove

New tug will enhance Hawaiian towage
Credit: Conrad

Pacific towage company Young Brothers has taken delivery of the first of four new ocean-going tugs as it modernises the fleet that operates in Hawaii.

Louisiana-based Conrad Shipyard has delivered the first Kāpena-class tug with General Electric propulsion that meets US’ Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 4 requirements.

Kāpena Jack Young was christened in Louisiana and will be transported to Hawaii this month to begin operations for Young Brothers, an independent subsidiary of Foss Maritime.

It was built to a Damen USA design to match Young Brothers’ fleet of modern high-capacity barges. Young Brothers said Kāpena Jack Young will “improve the company’s ability to provide just-in-time cargo service to Hawaiian island communities”.

The company said these four new tugs will have “lower maintenance downtime, better tow speeds, greater operating efficiencies and lower emissions”.

Kāpena Jack Young is powered by General Electric 8L250 MDC engines that have compliant exhaust gas recirculation to EPA Tier 4. This 37.5-m long and 11-m beam tug has 4,475 kW of power.

Young Brothers president Joe Boivin said these four tugs will reduce the average age of the fleet from 44 years to 12 years once they are in operation.


Image and video credit: Conrad Shipyard

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