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Foss orders 10 assist and escort tugs

Mon 04 Dec 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Foss orders 10 assist and escort tugs
Damen 2813 tugs will have bollard pulls of around 90 tonnes

Foss Maritime will start building azimuth stern drive (ASD) tugs in Oregon, US, after signing an agreement with Damen Shipyards. Foss Rainier shipyard will build up to 10 tugs of Damen ASD 2813 design with adaptions for the US ship assist and escort market.

The first four of a series of at least 10 tugs will be constructed for delivery in 2019. These 28 m tugs will have a power rating of more than 5,000 kW and bollard pull of around 90 tonnes.

Foss president and chief executive John Parrott said this was a shared partnership between the North American tug builder and owner and the Dutch shipbuilding group.

“It means we can strengthen our fleet while meeting the demands of our customers, and at the same time Damen has the opportunity to market their innovative tug designs in the US,” he said.

Tugs built at Foss Rainier shipyard will be added to the Foss operating fleet and will be available for purchase by other US tug operators.

Damen and Foss have already conducted business together for the benefit of both companies. Foss’ affiliate Young Brothers ordered four 37 m Damen 3711 Stan tugs for its Hawaii operations in 2017 and the first of these is scheduled for delivery in Q1 2018.

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