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Dual-fuel tug first for Chinese shipyard

Mon 07 Jan 2019 by Martyn Wingrove

Dual-fuel tug first for Chinese shipyard
Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard launches a first dual-fuel ASD tug for Ningbo Zhoushan Port

A new LNG-fuelled tug has been launched to reduce emissions during marine operations at one of China’s largest ports.

Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard group has launched an azimuth stern drive (ASD) tug that uses LNG for its main fuel, which will be operated in Ningbo Zhoushan Port.

It will have a pair of Niigata 8L28AHX dual-fuel engines powering two Rolls-Royce US 255 controllable pitch Z-drives, a bollard pull of around 80 tonnes and LNG storage capacity of 55 m3.

Jiangsu Zhenjiang said this vessel could achieve an exchange between fuel oil and LNG of up to 90%.

“Operating in gas mode, the vessel can reduce 50% emission of SOx, 98% emission of particle matter, 80% emission of NOx and 22% emission of CO2,” the shipyard said.

Jiangsu Zhenjiang completed and launched other tugs at its shipyard for Chinese operators in December. It delivered two ASD tugboats for Cangzhou Bohai’s new district Gangxing Tugboat Co on 19 December. Huanghuagang tuo 8 and Huanghuagang tuo 9 each has total power of 3,824 kW.

These were part of a series of ASD tugs the shipyard is building for the operator. On 8 December, Jiangsu Zhenjiang delivered Huanghuagang tuo 6 and Huanghuagang tuo 7 to Gangxing Tugboat Co.

The shipyard’s next tugboat delivery is expected to be Baosteel Towing 19, which the yard launched on 17 December. This will be a 3,236 kW ASD tugboat designed and built for Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.

Jiangsu Zhenjiang was also busy during November with several tugboat deliveries and launches.

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