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Contracts round-up: Jiangsu Zhenjiang is on a roll

Tue 31 Jul 2018 by Martyn Wingrove

Contracts round-up: Jiangsu Zhenjiang is on a roll
Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard cut steel in this ceremony on a RAstar 3800-DF LNG-fuelled tug in June

Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard has started construction of a dual-fuel port tug for Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co. The Chinese tug builder is building a Robert Allan RAstar 3800-DF design tug for completion in 2019.

It will be the fifth LNG-fuelled tug built in China, but the first dual-fuel azimuthing stern drive (ASD) model. It demonstrates the investment owners and port authorities are making in gas-fuelled tugs as China opens new LNG import terminals.

This tug will be powered by a pair of Niigata 8L28AHX dual-fuel engines, with each driving a Rolls-Royce US 255 controllable pitch Z-drive. During operations, gas will replace up to 90% of the fuel, reducing emissions of SOx up to 50% and NOx up to 80%. It will also lower particulate matter by 98% and CO2 by 22%, according to the shipyard.

When this tugboat is delivered, it will have a bollard pull of around 80 tonnes and LNG storage capacity of 55 m3, which gives it a range of more than 700 nautical miles in LNG mode, and nearly 1,700 nautical miles in diesel mode.

In July, Jiangsu Zhenjiang delivered a tug and launched the hull of another for outfitting. It delivered Fu Gang Tuo 1 to Fuzhou Port on 28 July. This is an ASD tug, designed by Jiangsu Zhenjiang with 4,420 kW of power.

On 2 July, the shipyard launched another ASD tug for a domestic shipowner with a total power of 3,240 kW, which is more powerful than an ASD tugboat Jiangsu Zhenjiang launched on 20 June, with 2,940 kW.

On 14 June, Jiangsu Zhenjiang delivered another ASD tug to the Qingdao Port operator. Qing Gang Tuo 2 was designed by the shipyard with total power of 5,120 kW. This followed a busy May, where the shipyard delivered Da Gun Lun 1, a 3,824-kW ASD tug, to Tianjin Lingang Shipping Co. It also launched a 4,420-kW ASD tug and a 3,676-kW unit, Gangxing Tuo 234 for Zhoushan Gangxing Towboat Co.

Other delivery highlights

  • Italian shipbuilder Vittoria Shipyard delivered a harbour tug to the port authority of Skikda in Algeria. This 7M (US$8M) vessel, Cap de Fer is a 26-m azimuthing stern drive tug with a bollard pull of more than 40 tonnes and a top speed of 12 knots. It has a width of 10 m, draught of 3.8 m and displacement of almost 500 tonnes. Cap de Fer is classified by Bureau Veritas and has two diesel engines that can develop 2,460 kW of power.
  • Damen Shipyards built a hybrid ASD multipurpose tug for operation in the Caribbean. Redwise Maritime Services transported Fregate from the Netherlands to French Guiana in June for dredging and harbour operations in Cayenne and Kourou. It is a WID 2915 design vessel with diesel engines and electric motors that drive Veth thrusters, pumps, air compressors and winches.
  • Navigation Maritime Bulgare (Navibulgar) took delivery of a second of RAmparts 2700 design tug from MTG-Dolphin. This Bureau Veritas-classed, 27.6-m tug has a draught of 3.95 m and bollard pull of 40 tonnes. It is driven by two Caterpillar engines and two rotating Azipod drives.
  • C&C Marine and Repair delivered towboat Chris Reeves to Marquette Transportation for operations in North America. This was designed by CT Marine with a triple azimuthing Steerprop Z-drive configuration and three Cummins main engines.
  • Sanmar supplied Dogancay XXVI tug to P&O Maritime for operations in Somalia. This twin-screw tug was renamed Egal and has 43 tonnes of bollard pull.

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