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Tug Technology & Business

Tug Technology & Business


Meeting the information needs of a more sophisticated tug industry

The technology, design and operation of tugs is advancing rapidly and Riviera Maritime Media’s Tug Technology & Business journal offers unique in-depth coverage of those developments around the world. The journal provides vital information on the latest innovations for operators, designers, builders and users of tugs and towage services.

Tug Technology & Business focuses mainly on the substantial requirements for tugs and their technology in ports, terminals and harbours and associated applications. Its coverage is international in scope incorporating local and regional markets and their specific contractual needs. 

Detailed features will cover design, technology such as propulsion systems, towing gear, and firefighting systems, builders, operators, operations, environmental issues, safety, crewing and training, legal and regulatory requirements. It will also cover key commercial aspects of the towage market such as contracts and cost issues. There will be regular reports on newbuild projects, deliveries, and descriptions of significant new vessels.

The journal also covers the specific commercial aspects of coastal and international towage projects and the vessels designed and employed for such jobs.

Emergency towage and salvage operations require highly specialised vessels and operational expertise. Tug Technology & Business will provide detailed information on the design, builders, technology and equipment on these specialised vessels as well as coverage of salvage operations, operators, safety, environmental issues, insurance and legal issues.

Tug Technology & Business is edited by experienced maritime journalist Martyn Wingrove and provides the tug industry with essential reading in all aspects of towage, including users of towage services. It gives in-depth specialist and independent editorial on the key technology challenges and the solutions that the industry requires.