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UPDATE: Tugs refloat damaged Greek ferry

Thu 07 Sep 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

UPDATE: Tugs refloat damaged Greek ferry
Blue Star Patmos is being refloated by a flotilla of tugs on Ios island

A fleet of tugs has pulled damaged ferry, Blue Star Patmos, off a rocky coast in Greece after 500 tonnes of fuel was recovered. Six tugs refloated the Blue Star Ferries vessel from Ios island in the Aegean Sea, on 6 September.

Tugs Apollon, Christos Xl, Christos XXII, Pantokrator, Dionissio Z and Vernicos Oceanos manoeuvred the damaged 146 m and 2,000 passenger-capacity ferry off the rocks. Divers inspected the hull for damage and minor sealing work was conducted. The ship was taken to the port of Ios to unload the trucks and the vehicles. Then there will be another damage inspection and repairs. Further repairs are expected in a shiprepair yard, possibly in Peraia.

There were local reports that 2012-built Blue Star Patmos sustained a 90 m long hull breach below the water line when it ploughed into rocks on 30 August with 205 passengers on board.

On 4 September, 500 tonnes of fuel was transferred from Blue Star Patmos to tanker, Aktea Osrv, to prevent pollution from the grounded ship when it is refloated.

Blue Star Patmos can carry 430 vehicles, has 90 cabins and a maximum speed of 25 knots. It has been suggested that human error is to blame for the grounding.

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