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Tug Rygene assists in two salvage operations in Sweden

Fri 17 Mar 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Tug Rygene assists in two salvage operations in Sweden
Skagern grounded in Sweden while en route to Hull with paper and timber cargo (credit: MF Shipping)

Tugboat Rygene has been involved in two salvage operations off Sweden, assisted by a fleet of other vessels. The 17m Sweden-flagged tug was involved in the tow of grounded dry cargo ship Skagern to Trollhättan. It was assisted by tugboat Luto to tow the vessel from Göta Älv on 14 March, according to local reports.

The 2000-built, 2,301gt Skagern, which is managed by MF Shipping Group, was loaded with timber and paper in Kristinehamn and was heading for Hull in the UK when it ran aground at the bow. As part of the salvage operation,120 tonnes of the cargo was lightered by a mobile crane onto a barge prior to it being refloated and then towed by Rygene and Luto.

Rygene was also involved in the salvage work on 1970-built dry cargo vessel Sternö, also in Sweden, according to On 15 March the grain cargo was lightered from the 1,372 dwt stricken vessel to 1983-built, 1,116gt general cargo vessel Lifana. Once this is completed, then Sternö will be straightened and pumped out, before tug Rygene, which has a maximum speed of 9 knots, will begin refloating and towing. The salvage operations are assisted by dive vessel Fatboy and 2009-built utility vessel Sound Solution.

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