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Tug Technology & Business

Sanmar highlights the compact tug challenge

Wed 08 Feb 2017 by Clive Woodbridge

Sanmar highlights the compact tug challenge
Sanmar builds powerful harbour tugs using variants on Robert Allan designs

Leading Turkish tug builder Sanmar underlines the prevailing trend for harbour tugs to get shorter, a consideration which it points out is not always easy to accommodate. As Pinar Gurun Korkmaz, marketing director, observes: “Designing and building a compact tug is much more difficult than a big tug. The challenge is to optimise manoeuvrability, seakeeping ability and stability all into the limited displacement of a tug.”

In particular, the areas required for crew and machinery have to be distributed in a proportional way to avoid negative effects on the performance of the vessel. “Despite the challenges, at Sanmar we are a proud compact tug builder,” she said.

As well as getting shorter, internal space considerations are gaining in priority as far as harbour tug design is concerned, with Maritime Labour Convention 2006 compliance becoming a must for almost all newbuild tugs, and higher comfort and safety levels for crew generally requested. Other trends noted by the builder include a preference for high-speed engines and electrical winches, while ease of maintenance and good after sales support is a matter of greater attention for harbour tug buyers.

Ms Korkmaz added: “Construction of the vessel in closed production halls is now almost becoming an industry standard demand from buyers. More bollard pull from the same vessel is always very much welcomed by buyers as well.”


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