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Tug Technology & Business

New Asian tug design unveiled

Wed 09 Aug 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

New Asian tug design unveiled
RAmparts 2500-CL tugs will be classed by Lloyd’s Register

Asian shipbuilding group Cheoy Lee Shipyards and Robert Allan have launched a new design for escort and harbour tugs. The first of these RAmparts 2500-CL tugs is already under construction at Cheoy Lee’s facilities in Hong Kong and should be ready early in 2018.

The design is a refined version of Robert Allan’s existing RAmparts 2500-W design. It comes with different propulsion and bollard pull performance options and is flexible for potential owner requirements.

Robert Allan reworked the hull and skeg of the RAmparts 2500-W design to improve the maximum thrust and bollard pull capabilities, while maintaining good manoeuvring and sea-keeping stability.

The design has a half-raised forecastle working deck and a double-chined stern that is unique to all Robert Allan-designed tugs. This enables the tug to run astern at high speeds and maintain good control and directional stability.

Propulsion packages for RAmparts 2500-CL tugs will be available to achieve bollard pulls of 50 tonnes, 60 tonnes, and 70 tonnes. The 25.4 m tugs will be classed by Lloyd’s Register. They can come with single or split drum forward winch, an aft winch and a fire-fighting system.

Robert Allan will be outlining its latest designs at Riviera Maritime Media’s inaugural Asian Tug Technology & Salvage Conference in Singapore. The conference will be supported by platinum sponsor Wärtsilä when it is held on 18-19 September. The conference promises to be a vibrant and informative event with sessions dedicated to the region’s tug challenges, salvage issues and future global tug-related technology trends.

In a dedicated session on developments in tug engineering, Robert Allan project director and senior naval architect Todd Barber will present designs with enhanced manoeuvrability and superior operations in challenging weather and sea states.

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