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Louis Dreyfus builds pusher tug fleet

Tue 14 Mar 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Louis Dreyfus builds pusher tug fleet
Robert Allan-designed pusher tugs for Louis Dreyfus Brazilian orders

Louis Dreyfus Co has ordered a series of new pusher tugs and barges to transport bulk grain products on the Amazon River system in Brazil. The vessels were designed by Robert Allan using computational fluid dynamics software and are under construction in Brazil. Delivery of the pusher tugs is expected to begin this year and continue into 2018.

The order includes three RApide 4000-Z3-class mainline pusher tugs, which are under construction at Inace shipyard in Fortaleza, Brazil. Plus Louis Dreyfus has ordered one RApide 2600-Z3-class pusher tug and three RApide 2000-Z2-class port-assist pusher tugs. In addition, Estaleiro Rio Maguari shipyard in Belem, Brazil is building 64 jumbo hopper barges.

All the vessels are designed to meet ABS and Brazilian flag state with the highest standards for crew comfort and safety. In each tug the wheelhouse provides maximum all-round visibility with a split forward control station providing unobstructed vision to the foredeck working area as well as to the convoy of barges ahead. Common equipment throughout the fleet will limit the number of spares required and ease maintenance.

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