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Kotug Smit Towage books three harbour tugs with Damen

Thu 15 Jun 2017 by Karen Thomas

Kotug Smit Towage books three harbour tugs with Damen
Kotug Smit Towage names the chartered Damen-built ASD 2810 hybrid tug Hampshire

Damen Shipyards Group is to build three tug newbuildings, two ASD 2913 vessels and one ATD 2412 twin fin, for Kotug Smit Towage, be deployed for harbour operations in Europe.

Kotug Smit Towage's latest order increases the number of Damen-built tugs in its fleet to 22 out of 69.

ASD 2913 has an 80-tonne bollard pull and is designed to be manouverable and environmentally efficient. Damen has fitted one of the two vessels with a fire-fighting system. The 2412 twin fin tug is designed to be compact, as well as nimble.

Kotug Smit Towage was formed from last year’s merger of harbour towage services firm Kotug and Boskalis subsidiary Smit. The company provides towage services at 12 ports in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

Kotug Smit Towage has also chartered a Damen-built ASD 2810 hybrid tug and has renamed the vessel Hampshire, pictured, at an event in Rotterdam.

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