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First Carrousel Rave tug soon to be ready

Tue 03 Oct 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

First Carrousel Rave tug soon to be ready
Multratug 32 is the first Carrousel Rave tug

The first Carrousel Rave tug ordered by Multraship Towage and Salvage is being prepared for service, according to the tug designer. Multratug 32 was developed by Novatug and Robert Allan, and built in Germany.

It has Voith propulsion in an in-line configuration and low-drag hull design. Multratug 32 also has a carrousel towing system with a towing point on a straightforward steel ring and can freely rotate around the superstructure of the tug.

Robert Allan president and chief executive Mike Fitzpatrick told Tug Technology & Business that Multratug 32, as a Carrousel Rave tug design, was ideal for harbour and canal towage.

Mr Fitzpatrick said Robert Allan used computer 3D modelling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to develop and test its tug designs and propulsion, such as the Rave tug. “We can model Voith drives in CFD and look at tug seakeeping and motion stability,” he said.

A second Carrousel Rave tug, Multratug 33, has arrived in the Netherlands for outfitting and testing. Novatug managing director Julian Oggel discussed tug design innovations at the inaugural Asian Tug Technology & Salvage Conference in Singapore in September. He said Multratug 32 was scheduled for delivery in northwest Europe in November this year, but was not yet on sea trials. This will presumably happen later this month or in November before the tug enters service. Mr Oggel also said Multratug 33 is due to begin operations in February 2018.

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