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Tug Technology & Business

Tug Technology & Business

Tug Technology and Business Digital Magazines

  • 3rd Quarter 2017

    3rd Quarter 2017


    • Profile: Harley Marine celebrates 30 years in business
    • Serco's new Rotortug ART 80-32, the SD Temperst
    • MAIB reports on the capsizing of the Asterix and the sinking of the Domingue in Madagascar
    • Area Report: Middle East
    • Latest tug orderbook
  • 2nd Quarter 2017

    2nd Quarter 2017


    • LNG fuelled tugs
    • The latest developments in green tug propulsion
    • Latest tug orders and completions
    • Area Report: Southeast Asia
    • The first US-built Rotortug
    • Milford Haven's emergency response exercise
    • Latest tug orderbook
  • 1st Quarter 2017

    1st Quarter 2017


    • Latest advances in rope, winch and steering control technologies
    • New workboat deliveries in the US
    • Svitzer expands workboat operations in Brazil
    • Operator Profile: Resolve Marine Group
    • ETA Secretary General, Anna-Maria Darmarin on the challenges facing European tug owners
    • Changing Demands: 60% of Robert Allan deliveries in 2016 were 24m or 32m in length
    • Latest tugs orderbook
  • 4th Quarter 2016

    4th Quarter 2016


    • Latest workboat orders from Edison Chouest, Saam Smit & Multraship
    • Sanmar's latest design
    • Robert Allan's dual-fuelled Arctic escort tugs
    • Caterpillar Marine, Voith, Schottel and Rolls-Royce's latest thruster and propeller technologies
    • Developments in workboat bridge technology
    • Svitzer's global safety system
    • 73 new tugs on order
  • 3rd Quarter 2016

    3rd Quarter 2016


    • Middle East operators plan for expansion
    • Tug training moves into the digital age
    • Why choosing the right fenders is vital
    • Regional review Middle East
  • 2nd Quarter 2016

    2nd Quarter 2016


    • The new VectRA series of Voith tractor tugs
    • Iskes' and Svitzer's fleet upgrade plans
    • Increasing demand at LNG terminals
    • Arctic operations
    • Final stages of Subchapter M
  • 1st Quarter 2016

    1st Quarter 2016


    • Piriou delivers VB Cyclone and VB Ouragan to Boluda
    • Svitzer's Brazilian plans
    • Investments in the Mediterranean's tug fleets
    • Latest innovations in engine technologies
    • Review of the Michele Foss, the first Arctic class tug from Foss Maritime
  • 4th Quarter 2015

    4th Quarter 2015


    • Development of marine biofuels
    • Japan's first LNG Tug
    • Regional Report: North America
    • SIGTTO guidance on the role of support vessels at gas terminals
  • 3rd Quarter 2015

    3rd Quarter 2015


    • Shipyard profile - Cheoy Lee has built up a reputation for quality and is strengthening its already close relationship with Robert Allan Ltd
    • Operator profile - The Dutch operator Kotug is responding to market trends by moving closer to a merger of its European harbour towage fleet with that of the Boskalis group. Economy of scale benefits are expected
    • Regional review Middle East operators are investing in more powerful tugs to keep pace with evolving shipping industry require-ments in the UAE especially
    • One leading manufacturer is focusing on the mixing process as being key to ensuring the high performance levels required of tug fenders
  • 2nd Quarter 2015

    2nd Quarter 2015


    • Regional Analysis: Scandinavia and the Baltics
    • Propulsion: green technology
    • Firefighting and pollution control
    • Coatings
    • Inland waterway and canal towage
    • Navigation & electronics
  • 1st Quarter 2015

    1st Quarter 2015


    • Regional analysis: Mediterranean/Black Sea
    • Propulsion: main engines and power plants
    • Harbour towage
    • Classification
    • Steering systems
    • Salvage
    • Escort towing
  • Launch issue, September 2014

    Launch issue, September 2014


    • Regional review Northern Europe
    • Propulsion: hybrid systems
    • Shipyard profile - Sanmar
    • Training and simulation
    • Deck equipment